OneNote Repair Toolbox

OneNote Repair Toolbox reads corrupted *.one files in Microsoft OneNote and saves repaired data to disk as separate files.

Main capabilities of the OneNote repair software include:

  • Repair OneNote files from *. one files for all versions of Microsoft OneNote 2003 and 2007.
  • Repair images.
  • Repair audio files.
  • Repair text.
  • Simple, user-friendly interface.
  • View repair data before saving.
  • Save data to disk as separate files.
  • Tackle the error message in OneNote: This section is corrupted. Click here to repair this section
  • OneNote fast repair
  • OneNote file repairing
  • Repair corrupt OneNote pages
  • Tool repair OneNote file
  • Repair OneNote section
  • OneNote repair damaged section
  • Repair corrupted OneNote page

Other capabilities:

OneNote fast repair

OneNote file repairing

OneNote this section is corrupted

Note: OneNote Repair Toolbox application is issued by the professional software team development of, this program is not released under GNU General Public License (GPL). Like any other open source program or free software, the users of OneNote Repair Toolbox may get the installer of Free DEMO. However, unlike open source solutions, some kind of modifications is not allowed in this tool.

Note: OneNote Repair Toolbox do not repair content of password protected Microsoft OneNote .one or .onenote files.

Screenshots Gallery
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Selection of a damaged file.
Analysis of the damaged OneNote file and extraction of image files.
Saving of recovered notes.
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